Centblade, cheapest robot mower blades in the world? made by you

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Foreword, a couple of years ago i got an a robotic lawn mower, which could be the best buy i ever done, however it soon became clear to me that the cutting blades broke like instantly, this cause i have lots of junk on my lawn, dog digs down bones there etc. For the first year i probably bought 10 sets of cutting blades for the robotic lawn mower. But it got me thinking, there must be a way to get a ahold of the cutting blades cheaper, and i started to look around, however the cheap blades was not as good as the original and i ended up changing cutting blades even more often....what to do...I invented a cutting blade by accident in my garage, a blade that was not only cheaper then the cheapest chinese cutting blade but more durable then the original... now you can to.

Why the name centblade? Well, it was a suitable domain name that was available, and a cent is not far from what it will actually cost you to make your own cutting blades for any major robotics lawn mower brand.

Oh no, there is ads on this page! The horrendous person who made this site is greedy!!! Well, im glad if it covers the costs for the domain and webhotel, not unreasonable of me i think.. and since i save you tens or even hundreds of dollars, why complain?

I started to experiment with different types of razor blades ,aftermarket cutting blades etc, but it didnt work as well as the original, mainly they broke way to easy...

The solution.

Above is just regular holestraps, 30 feet / 10 meters its like 5 USD in your local hardware store, and will give you around 250 Centblades. It will likely last longer then the robot mower will.

Holestraps, what a wonderful invention.. you know the ones you use for stabalizing constructions, it turns out that the metal in these are tough as hell, not only do they seem to stay sharp for a long time, they are near unbreakable, they will bend if you run into large stone or so, but not break. This means that you can flat them out easily with an hammer again, and you simply just sharpen them again.

Moving on:

If youre going to do a few of them, i suggest getting a bench grinder , like one of these. It will save you loads of time, and you will be able to supply the whole neighborhood with cutting blades. That said, a knife sharpener, smooth rasp will do just as well for the household, its actually a small amount of therapy value in making these on the porch with a cold beer.

By now you probably figured out how this gonna go, but its not as easy as that, cause there is more to it. I have noticed while trying out different lengths and weights of the blades, that the lawn mower cuts ofcourse differently, but if the blades weigh more, its able to cut thicker and higher grass cause of the added weight.

The holes in the holestraps fits perfectly as is, so no additional work there.

Useful tips:

I suggest that you experiment some with your blades to see what suits your lawn best, personally i use holestraps that are 3 quarters of an inch (19 mm metric system). These provide the thoughness for my lawn, since dog bones are, well hard. But i can also sharpen the wider Centblade more times obviously, since there is more metal in it. Needles to say that i take no responsibilty what so ever, since i am not making the cutting blades, so you use them on your own risk.

To have the same weight as the original blades, the Centblade needs to be approx 1.5 inches long and a half inch wide, it also depends who how thick your holestripes are, but roughly. Metric measurments : 39 mm long and 12mm wide.

While using the ones that are 3 quarters of an inch (19mm) and and 1.5 inches long, ive noticed that there seems to be less vibrations in the robot lawn mower due to the slightly heavier cutting blades.

The major robot mower brands only cut in one direction per run,it changes direction on the knives every charge to wear them down evenly. if you look at the one made under here, make them so that you can also change to the opposite screw hole as well.

Anyways, the end result should look something like this: Centblade Above is 39x12 mm, and has similar weight as the original cutting blade.